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Connected media has become an important technology for web designers to include in their web pages. The ability to link to an external site and display interactive content, such as a map, or a social networking tool (like twitter), further enhances the usefulness of the site and allows users to access external sites without having to leave your site.

Read wiki page Connected Media

In WikiEducator you are limited to the connected media that has been authorised. You can find out which extensions have been authorised on the Special version page , however this doesn't help to find what embedded media are allowed in WikiEducator. The Widgets extension allows you to insert media such as YouTube videos (unfortunately this is not enabled in WikiEducator). I have enabled them in my personal wiki and have illustrated how this is achieved in the Connected Media page.

List of connected media options for WikiEducator


Adding a Twitter feed

For WordPress instructions are at

Uploading via eMail

A very handy option is Wordpress is the ability to post directly using email. On the iPad/iPhone if you have email set up, you can post an interesting link by using Share > email and emailing to the WordPress Site. Just set up the email address as a contact in your phone.

Sending your Posts to Twitter

Additionally you can set up WordPress to automatically post the title to Twitter. This can be enhanced if you remember to add a hash tag to the WordPress Post title.

Media Wiki

Adding an RSS Feed into WikiEducator

  • use the <rss> .. </rss> tag. For example


Which produces...(I have added a box around it) ...

width=25px virtualmv Blog RSS

Failed to load RSS feed from|short|date|max=5: Error fetching URL: Maximum (0) redirects followed

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