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Formatting enables the elements on a web page to be modified and includes the ability to change:

  • Fonts/Font family
    • style="font-family: menu,Arial"
  • Weight (Bold, underline, italics, underline (it is not recommended that you underline any text on a web page as it usually indicates a hyperlink)
    • style= "font-weight:bold"
  • Alignment (left, center, right)
    • style="text-align: center"
  • Colour (color?)
    • style="color:#0000FF"

Reference: (w3c schools, 2009)[1]

A really important technique when using styles for layout is to cancel out the "floating" div tags so that the following div tags are not affected by the current ones. For example if you have a 3 colum div tag layout then want to have a footer you need to clear the floating div tags so that the footer will always be on the left. This is achieved using the clear:both style

<p style="clear:both">&nbsp;</p>

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