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Project Leader Online Community: Version 1.0 Online Survey

Possible Questions:

  1. My first reaction to the website was positive or Overall, what do you rank your reaction to this V 1.0 website (1 its ok- 10 awesome)
  2. I found this website engaging
  3. I found it simple to use this website
  4. The overall organization of the site is easy to understand and well structured
  5. The website has the functions and capabilities I expected it to have for version 1.0. (if not- please list here)
  6. On the home page, how easy was it to find the appropriate link for the information you wanted? (what other information do you think should be here) (1 difficult 5 very easy)
  7. The top tabs on the website are appropriate for this version of the site (SD-SA) (If you feel a tab is missing, please list it here)
  8. The categories on the right hand side are appropriate for V1.0 (what categories do you think are missing or would like to add)
  9. I would imagine that most people would learn to use this website very quickly (SD-SA)
  10. The website meets my needs (1-10) please explain.
  11. Overall, I am satisfied with version 1.0 (SD-SA)
  12. List the most positive aspects of this website (top 3) or List what I liked best about this website
  13. What aspects of the site have the greatest opportunity for improvement (list top 3)
  14. In order to make the best use of the site I would need training in: _______