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Key Messages

Introductory Emails

I'm on the governing council of WikiEducator. -

We are 8500+ members strong, with 7,500+ unique visitors per day, and a top 100,000 website, and are growing rapidly.

WikiEducator is a global open source, Open Education Initiative launched to create a free and open version of the world's education curriculum by 2015 in line with the UN's Millennium Development Goals –

Since 2006, WikiEducator has been supported by the Commonwealth of Learning -, but due to rapid growth, it will be the flagship initiative of a new International Centre for Open Education / Open Education Foundation based in New Zealand. Athabasca University, Canada and Otago Polytechnic, NZ are among our founding members.

We have developed new models of cost-effective e-learning design and delivery (i.e., 30% improvement), and have been successful in reaching new, alternate sources of project funding, with partners who believe that Open Education is a renewable and sustainable resource. Please see a Map of WikiEducator Benefits:

We are interested in dialogue with potential partners to explore the possibilities, including the development of pilot projects –