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Value Proposition for CIOs

What is their pain...what keeps them awake at night?

  • competition
  • technology not keeping pace with industry
  • regulation
  • emerging trends
  • "How do I create the next thing that I need to have?"

How to Achieve the Goals of...

(especially when the market is tanking)

  • increase recognition of my company / organization (for....?)
  • making sure my company is seen in a positive light
  • efficiency
  • timeliness
  • scaling up

What is of value to them?

  • analytics
    • measurement (real-time) what is happening
  • Case Studies (Internal Use Cases
    • show the evolution of an in initiative, as it starts as an idea, brings in partners, expands as a product and new marketplace as it grows across the globe
    • as it expands Thought Leadership
    • explains: "how am I going to know it's going to make my company / organization bigger, better, faster, richer, smarter".

Getting the Message Out

  • attending events to demonstrate the 'business case' - the 'why'

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