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Reworking the TQF

M&E as a cross-cutting issue (using focal points; interlocutors-VUSSC Focal Points. Develop ToRs)

Standard setting

  • Standard setting‚ for what? for courses? legal foundations
  • Prescriptive or flexible Framework? Comparability? Translating? Register?
  • Disaster Mgt course‚ bootcamp approach
  • Are outcomes explicit enough? Assessment arrangement? Transition to full qualification?
  • Agreed there has to be criteria for Qualifications, and level discriptors
  • Need for guidelines for standard setting, level discriptors, processes and procedures for dev of course. Awards
  • Definition of qualification‚ Link to NQF/RQF
  • Guidelines to be based on existing mechanisms
  • Expand concept of bootcamp (to include experts)
  • M&E should take place for standards
  • Keep as is (policy breadth and scope).

Quality Assurance

  • To involve providers and national mechanisms for QA
  • Criteria for validating national bodies‚ through peer review mechanism?? Revisit
  • Ensure criteria are available; processes acceptable
  • Registering qualifications (criteria & process)
  • Agree on quality indicators for TQF (relate to‚ executive power)


  • In principle, concept acceptable
  • Agreed - three dimensions needed; ability to handle admin details (COL)
  • Managerial rotation of National Bodies‚ not a good idea
  • Terms of reference for dealing with issues raised‚ defined by TQF secretariat, to countries for refinement and adoption (M&E)
  • Relate to other QF entities
  • Refine decision-making modalities
  • Add two additional roles: external observers (UNESCO e.g.) and external evaluators (ensure all regions are represented)
  • Need for Chairperson
  • All meetings virtual? At least there should be one f2f meeting for greater effectiveness.
  • Executive power issues needs closer review.
  • Need for specialist steering committee


  • Agreed to but definition needs modification (offered by an institution in the small states via the VUSSC portal to students in their own or other countries)
  • Mobility
  • Affordability; sustainability


  • Yes, Yes, Yes.
  • Agreed to 10 levels
  • Move towards VUSSC‚Äôs Levels 1, 2, 3.
  • Notional hours credit system OK