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<WikiEd170> We are starting to link you in soon ...
<phsi> hi wayne
<Mackiwg> Hey Phsi - how goes it?
<countrymike> can i listen in on skype?
<Mackiwg> Will give it a try - let me have a look how to link you as a conference call
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<phsi> not bad
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<Cebert> Hi Mohmmaed
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<Mohammad> Hi Cebert
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<Mackiwg> CountryMike -  Iv'e linked you for a conference call we'll give this a try
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<countrymike> Mackiwg, ok.
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<Mohammad> Thats good communication practice - talking online rather than talking in person when we are only 2 metres away!! lol
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<WikiEd579> ?
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<Jay> Hi Cebert
<Cebert> Hi Jay
<Cebert> HI Ainsworth
<Patricia> hi
<Kelly> Hi all
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<manthoto> l am very much in love with this communication method, wiki is great
<WikiEd269> hello
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<Ainsworth> Hi Cebert what's Happening
<WikiEd269> hi
<Patricia> Hi Kelly
<Cebert> Hey Ainsworth, love this chat room
<WikiEd269> hello im Evo
<Ainsworth> Yeah its not bad
<Kelly> Hi Patricia
<countrymike> welcome to IRC all!!!!
<Ainsworth> Hi Kelly how are you
<stephen> hi i got a joke for you but don`t laugh
<jerry> Hi, I'm online. Good to know you're all chatting. Jerry
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<Ainsworth> Stephen! I'm Laughing already
<PaulW> loud and clear
<manthoto> Dumile how are you getting on, isnt it great
<Rozu> hi
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<Kelly> Hi Wayne
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<WikiEd938> hello ium tauv
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<Ainsworth> Hi Wayne! What 's the weather like
<stephen> Ainsworth ...promise man..will tell you at break time
<pauleen> hi kelly need some breakfast
<augustmoon> pauleen you are wicked
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<Rozu> Hi mohamed
<jerry> This is great stuff!!! Can't get enough of it.
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<Mohammad> hi roza
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<Ainsworth> Stephen! looking forward to it
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<Rozu> hi nadiya
<nadhiyaa> Hi roza
<shokahle> hello Wayne
<nadhiyaa> its interesting dhoa
<ruth> hello shor
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<stephen> Pauleen..did not see you this morning.what happen..was tired?
<Rozu> yes
<nadhiyaa> Hi Maria,How is it doing
<fiona> Hi everyone.  Just testing!!!!!
<pauleen> hi stephen  i am sleepy as a fish
<WikiEd504> :)
<countrymike> can someone put the URL on the IRC here...?
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<Joe2> Maria I'm now Joe 2
<stephen> pauleen welcome to the club
<WikiEd613> hello Lidya how is wikiwiki
<Mackiwg> Greetings all!
<WikiEd472> hello i am lydia
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<Philip> We're watching the video, wayne, can you follow the audio?
<nadhiyaa> really
<countrymike> URL for the clip please?
<Mohammad> if u wanna tell a secret to someone dont tell it here!!
<Mackiwg> Yes I can hear the audio - not clearly though
<Joe2> Maria, did you see? I am Joe 2!
<countrymike> some of us aren't in the room ;-)
<nadhiyaa> No secrests in public
<countrymike> thanks.
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<Maria> Yes I see!
<nadhiyaa> no secrets in public
<siatu> No
<Clyde> no
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<Joe2> No
<ruth> no
<pauleen> no
<WikiEd661> no
<Mohammad> yes
<shokahle> no
<Cebert> yes
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<nadhiyaa> yes,Wayne
<fiona> Yes
<Jay> yes
<PaulW> yes
<Rozu> yes
<Seasons> yes
<WikiEd613> evotia, yes
<WikiEd472> yes
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<augustmoon> yes
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<Joe2> what is the relationship between resource based learning and distance education?
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<Mackiwg> Hi helena
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<helena11> hi wayne
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<helena11> can you invite me to your skype presentation
<Ainsworth> the ability to reach many more learners than in f2f
<Ainsworth> the fact that distance learning can ba asynchronous
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<Seasons> Learners can access learning at any time of day
<Clyde> Face to face can also benefit from some of the technology used in DE
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<Cebert> DE allow access to more learners, however face to face allow the teacher to address student concerns as they are observed sometimes from facial expressions
<Mohammad> I think one of the key differences SHOULD be the form of pedagogy applied! - There should be a reconceptualisation of the teaching and learning process
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<Mohammad> DE should be focused on the building of competencies and not the mere acquisition of inert knowledge
<jerry> Wayne, this is excellent. I really like the interactive nature of this presentation. It is a powerful demonstration of how technology can be ued to support DE delivery. I take it we'll get a soft copy of the presentation.
<Cebert> DE learning materials have to be very different in design both for intructions and assessment
<WikiEd504> hi
<PaulW> DE!
<WikiEd723>  It depends on the type of learner.
<Cebert> it depends on the type of learners that are involved
<PaulW> Yas!
<manthoto> yes
<Mohammad> It depends on the way we define quality
<Ainsworth> distance learning delivery requires a different approach to the design and development of mateials and instruction methodology not ot mention the need for student support
<augustmoon> no
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<Jay> Hi Wayne, I think there is more interaction in face to face as the teacher can give prompt feedback and and can respond promptly to the visible needs of the learners
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<stephen> not really
<countrymike> but then distance may provide more time to 'reflect'...
<Mohammad> for me quality learning takes place when learners acquire some competencies and demonstrate it in practise
<philip2> no (quality is not mode dependant)
<ruth> it depends on the learner and the learning situation
<Patricia> Depends on who is offering each one.  The quality of the designer or teacher would make a difference
<Clyde> no
<pauleen> I think the outcome of the learning process is of a better quality
<WikiEd723> Both methods have thier types of delivery of each and the quality of delivery
<Rozu> hi wayne DE in some place like MAldives is considered as a second class learning
<Mohammad> if they can do it, then whether it is face-to-face or DE dat does not matter
<stephen> just a different pedagogy
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<Ainsworth> Difficult to give  an either or response, Blended approaches are always better
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<nadhiyaa> Hi Wayne.Thats the main reason why i asked the question"does De include Online T and L
<WikiEd295> It depends on the environment where a\each is don
<Cebert> quality does not depend on modality od delivery, uit has to do with design, instruction and assessment
<Clyde> I will go for a bleded approach
<fiona> I should tend to say DE, however, a lot depends on the delivery approach and the quality of materials.
<siatu>  I think each can be supportive of the other
<Mohammad> Yea Blended learning is currently the buzzword everywhere
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<WikiEd504> Distance Education can be considered better in the sense that it allows students to engage in taking responsibility for their own learning and build critical thinking skills.  This is not always easily achieved through face to face methodology
<manthoto> If DE proceeds in a well planned manner, where the whole process of preparing materials is quality assured, then the quality of de is going to be better
<Joe2> DE has historically perfomed badly!
<Rozu> people considere  it as the last resort
<helena11> Rozu: It's the same to some extent in NZ as well
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<Jay> I think they both give quality education depending on the actual learning environment and the support they learners get
<WikiEd613> depends on the teaching and learning environment as well as the teacher's preparation
<WikiEd295> It depends on the envornment where each is done
<nadhiyaa> From my point of view Print mode cannot compete with De.But Online learning involves more intertaction and there are many advanges of this too
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<helena11> it's a mind set change I've sat in lecture theatres full of students and a f2f teacher and no one has questioned what they are being told at all
<shokahle> It depends on the environment where each is done
<WikiEd139> it varies as it depends upon the learners and  media used
<Joe2> What research? When was it done? What time period? I want to see it!
<WikiEd613> quality teaching whatever mode is taken definitely depends on the teacher's commitmentand attitudes
<helena11> do I assume that this f2f environment is quality?
<nadhiyaa> F2F 1-many interaction whaere as DE or online leraning includes MAny -Many interaction
<Mohammad> do u beleieve in hypothesis testing types of research to support educational arguments??
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<jerry> There is obviously an ongoing debate about this, but DE certainly has to potential to offer a lot more than it presently does in terms of quality. The question is also quality from whose perspective? We can certainly continue the debate.
<philip2> Wayne skype dropped the connection i'm calling again
<nadhiyaa> DL bring the university home
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<Mohammad> The Technology strategy that we put in place should always support the Educational strategy
<siatu> Will we be getting a copy of your presentation Wayne?
<Mohammad> student - student interaction in online learning saves most of the time of the instructor!! dats from personal experience!
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<Mohammad> everyform form of learning that uses digital media to deliver instruction
<nadhiyaa> USing the inernet to deliver content to students
<Ksthill> Elearning relates to learning that occurs in an online environment
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<philip2> eLearning = ICT Assited learning .. i.e. and use of information technology as an *integral* part of the education process
<Mohammad> not necessary learning that takes place on the internet
<Cebert> elearning has to do with using different media online
<Ksthill> Actually i think Mohammad has captured it a bit better it does include the use of electronic media and can include use of the internet in the delivery of education
<nadhiyaa> that is true Mohamed
<Cebert> could be CDROMs, internet etc
<Mohammad> i guess watching an educational TV programme is also a form of elearning
<Patricia> E learning is electronic learning - could be with the CD rom or via the Internet
<WikiEd472> learning through electronic media
<Mohammad> just as like in Information systems design, i think we need to define our own 'boundary' when we talk abt that!
<nadhiyaa> Does e-leraning included vedio-conferencing???
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<Ksthill> yes Nadhiyaa
<manthoto> all forms of electronic learning, on of the best strategies to use in blended learning
<Mohammad> elearning is not necessarily distance education!
<philip2> TV is a bit different 'cause it's normally considered  one-way (but it could be supplemented, even with mail)
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<stauv> elearning is really using electronic media to transmit knowledge and information from tutor to learner and vice versa
<Cebert> that's true Mohammad
<Mohammad> it can be self-learning, it can be reading a pdf on screen instead of the print version etc
<Ksthill> video conferencing invariably utilizes both internet and computer technology
<augustmoon> additionally, all communication is donve via the internet; encourages project and team work; collaboration, sharing,
<nadhiyaa> Exactly,I gather e-learning is more interactive that DE
<philip2> I agree mohhaned, eLearning is not DE
<WikiEd472> is video electric learning?
<Mohammad> e-learning is the general family regrouping computer-based learning, online learning(internet), etc
<siatu> learning all electronic
<Brent> networked learning...
<fiona> e-learning is learning that uses/is facilitated by something electronic.  It is not necessarily on-line learning.  It could be learning using print-based and and the e-mail for communication to tutors and colleagues.
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<Ksthill> Elearning is learning that is facilitated by electronic media
<WikiEd139> elearning is any learning that is facilitated by electronic media
<stauv> Does elearning de-humanise the learning process?
<Ainsworth> really refers to electronic learning- using digital resources to promote/ effect learning
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<Mohammad> no stauv it does not
<Ainsworth> involves the use of ICT's  in the design and development of content
<Mohammad> if u talk to ur dear ones on phones when u r away, does it 'dehumanise' the process?
<Ksthill> It doesn't necessarily de-humanise the learning process since it can be used in conjunction with face to face instruction.
<nadhiyaa> "what did wane mean by"dissapointing performance of e-leaning"
<Cebert> Stauv, e-learning is just another means of delivery.  Once can still deal with the feelings of your learners
<nadhiyaa> Stauv,what made you ask that question
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<stauv> What about course like Counselling Skills and Customer Service and practical ones - is elearning an ideal option?
<Ksthill> I think that we must always remember that even with the best design, materials, modalities etc. students will always have some element of responsibility so issues such as student motivation and learning difficulties can still cause disappointing results or performance
<jerry> Wayne, it just occured to me that it might be useful to distinguish between DE and Open Learning as well. We tend to use these terms interchangeably nowadays or we collapse them into one term,viz: ODL. Such disctinction might be useful for coleagues who are new to the field.
<Cebert> yes Stauv, can be done - remember that learning has to do with acquisition of knowledge and skills.  Teachers can make use of videos, simulations etc
<Cebert> there are institutions that actually teaches auto mechanics or computer repairs using this method
<jerry> Is it possible to expand the editing toolbar on wikieducator to minimise the use of complex syntax?
<Mohammad> but cerbet we need to be careful that learning is not merely 'acquisition' --
<Cebert> true
<Mohammad> at the university of mauritius, we define the learning process as a three phased activity
<Mohammad> 1. knowledge acquisition - 2. knowledge application 3. Reflection and sharing
<Cebert> think though that e-learning can allow for all three
<Ainsworth> Terrific Mohammed.
<Mohammad> when we ensure learner completes the 3 phses, we 'assume' the learning process is 'over'
<Mohammad> yes we apply these 3 phses in our e-learning model
<stauv> Thanks Cebert that a useful point to consider. In our society the limited access to computers/internet is a challenge.
<Ainsworth> learning should indicate tangible change in behavior
<Mohammad> ainsworth dats purely behaviorist !
<Cebert> it will become very useful that institutions invest in simulations, videos etc. that will enhance the e-learning process
<Ainsworth> critical to all of the discusion Cebert, Mohammed is the design
<Cebert> agree Ainsworth
<Cebert> design is most critical
<Ainsworth> Mohammed I agree but what results do you except of anticipate as an end result of learning
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<Mohammad> demonstration of skills e-learning course at the university is defined as an activity-based process (kinda mini projects)
<Ainsworth> even using constructivist approaches there is an expectation that building on prior knowledge and experiences must allow for the advancement of knowledge
<Mohammad> it is in fact a mixture of all major educational theories infact
<Mohammad> ya
<Mohammad> i agree from that perspective
<Ainsworth> agreed Mohammed so what do the  projects indicate?
<Mohammad> for instance if im teaching students how to design an elearning course
<Mohammad> this course will have 3 mini projects (activities)
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<Mohammad> activity 1 - develop an instructional model for the course
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<Mohammad> activity 2 - prototype the course using a presentation software
<Mohammad> activity 3 - develop the website and publish it
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<Ainsworth> How does assessment and assessment practices influence performance?
<Mohammad> activity 4 - reflection on tthe learning forum is parallel to the 3 activities
<stauv> If DE is contextually bound how realistic is this in relation to societies that naturally practice communal learning (face to face). Probably against societal values.
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<Mohammad> e-learning suits learners with different personalities
<nadhiyaa> Thats an interesting statement
<Mohammad> most importantly learning styles/cognitive styles
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<Ksthill> i think it also more readily accomodates learners' different learning styles and their adopted strategies of learning
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<Mohammad> thank u Wayne
<Mohammad> super useful
<Ainsworth> mohammed is it different personalities of rather different learning styles and intelligences
<Ksthill> what about the need to update technology to continue supporting D.L
<Cebert> thanks
<WikiEd040> Wayne,thanks a lot. Will continue the chat tomorrow.
<Clyde> Thank you Wayne
<stauv> Thank you Wayne. Really enjoyed your session.
<Ksthill> Thanks wayne
<Mohammad> personality is somwhat related to learning styles and intelligences also
<nadhiyaa> Thanks Wayne,That was interesting
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<Ksthill> you are into personality theory and psychology as well Mohammad?
<Rozu> thanks Wayne. see you.
<Mackiwg> Cheers - I enjoyed chatting with the group
<Mohammad> not really im doing my phd on personalisation in web based learning environment
<Jay> Thanks Wayne . That was enlightining
<manthoto> Hi Dumile I realise you are on, good
<Ksthill> ok that is ur research area - true that personality can influence learner styles and strategies adopted
<Ksthill> also particularly in a web based environment.
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<Ainsworth> the challenge really in designing and developing ODL materials is the accomodation of the different learning styles and the appeal to the differnent intellignences of the participants
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<Mackiwg> Countrymike - sorry,  lost the Skype connection with NZ and couldn't figure our how to invite you back
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<dumile> is it critical at the moment to concentrate on learning skills for material development using online approach.this will be an initial step tocreating free content that may be easily accessible for contextualisation purposes.
<Mackiwg> Dumile - I agree its important to source materials in digital form which makes it easier for using in different contexts
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<Brent> sdfsd
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