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Notes for Group Activity on Day 2

by Tauvaga Vaai (Pacific Team Leader)

Brainstorming Activity - Prepare an outline of a face to face workshop on how to design an ODL course for Distance Educators

Some guiding Questions

  1. What action steps do you take?
  2. What/Who is involved in each step?
  3. Who are your learners?
  4. Who are your graduates?
  5. Has there been a needs analysis conducted?
  6. What guidelines are there for the course developers?
  7. Are outcome statements in place and appropriately worded?
  8. What are the content items in the material?
  9. Are the resources required for course production and delivery in place?
  10. What assessment and evaluation instruments have you come up with?
  11. Do you have appropriate learner support services available?

Skills to apply and share

  1. Communication skills - collaborating with other team members
  2. Planning skills - how to plan a workshop
  3. Course development skills

Group size: 4 groups of 6 members per group

Time allocation: 0ne hour

Group Interaction and collaboration is highly recommended. Remember there is no I in the word team.