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Experiment no. 1

'''This is also a heading'''

hello This is in bold

aSDads DSas d

I want to get going with this! I want to get going with this!

  1. this is exciting
  2. this is cool!

Wayne's text ..............

Bold italics


Hello, just trying this out.

link Wikieducator Website

monica ''It is a beutiful day it ia a nice day

  • one it is a nice day


please control me!

I dont like what you are doing ... --Mackiwg 00:31, 5 July 2006 (CEST)

  • first
  • second
  • third

Disc fish.jpg

Hi I'm John

All the best to the VUSSC project John Lesperance


A warm welcome from Trinidad and Tobago

Stay tuned for a photo from my sunny twin island nation!
Humm...I can get used to this!
Till tomorrow guys.


Monica is here trying out. Example.jpg

I'm glad to see everyone is getting started. If you look at the editing of this piece, you will see that I use the letters BR between < > brackets. This creates a line break - like the old "carriage return" if you are as old as me!


It's all fantastic to learn something new.

Samuelu Faalafi

I'm cold! Can we put the aircon off?


Wikieducator Tutorial 1 Micole.jpg

Hi! I'm from Seychelles and learning to use Wikieducator


I am Marie-Paule I am fine thks Learning at its best


Brinda's WIKI trials

Lkhwl;mzdjk;smdgsd cbvcbcv Mypic.jpg


We were trying to paste in a pic from Singapore but with little success. Love Ceronne and Karen



I have't used the wiki in a while and I am back to square one. Lessons learned:

  1. The memory does not store everything forever
  2. We forget things that we do not put into practice
  3. Practice makes perfect.




Hi, I'm Alex Souffe from Seychelles having first hand experience of what wikieducator is all about. Indeed, it is an exciting experience. Keep up the collaborative work. One of these days you will have the opportunitiy to enjoy my contributions. A bientot!