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At the Mauritius boot camp we tentatively agreed that we would complete the work by August 2007, and we also agreed on who was to be responsible for which unit(s). Below is a list of the unit(s) we agreed to complete by August. Let us use the DISCUSSION FORUM to discuss further. I have started to work on the ICT unit, GOOD LUCK with yours.

Core Units

  1. Introduction to Toursim - Sharret Yearwood, Belize
  2. The Tourism System - Gwendolyn Medford, Barbados
  3. Applying Effective Communication Skills - DONE
  4. Customer Care - Isswar Jheengut, Mauritius
  5. Conducting Tours - Taufatofua Luisa, Tonga
  6. Health, safety and security procedures - We can now collaborating on this unit online
  7. Legal and Ethical Issue - Shabalala Nokuthula, Swaziland


  1. Administration and management for tour guides - Linette Smit, Namibia
  2. Planning Tours - Elia Grant Fraser, Trinidad and Tobago
  3. Evaluating Tours - Elia Grant Fraser, Trinidad and Tobago
  4. Marketing Tours - (Marie-Paule Havika, Vanuatu wants to work on this unit now)
  5. Second Language for Tour Guides - Country specific
  6. ICT Skills for Tour Guides - John Lesperance, Seychelles