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Have you ever wanted to get away from the normal everyday activities of life? If yes, what were your reasons?

Motivations for travel:

  • Visiting friends and relatives
  • Vacation or Pleasure
  • Opportunity to broaden their frame of reference – education, wanderlust
  • Business
  • Religion – pilgrimages
  • Sport or cultural purposes

Factors that influence travel decisions

1. Climate

2. Distance between countries

3. Attractions – natural and man-made

4. Communications – transportation infrastructure – can it be traveled by one means of transport or node of transport

5. Cost

6. Cultural links / Language

7. Political factors

Why do tour guides need to know the motivations for travel?

Tour-guides need to be familiar with the places where people come, as this affects the ways people behave. Tour-guides need to be aware of cultural differences and the expectations and level of service may vary.