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Welcome to this module on "The Tourism System!"

This second module builds on the previous module of Tourism, yet it is separate. The concept of a systemis the interactivityof one component on another. This is the idea behind the tourism product.

As a tour guide much of your time will be spent on understanding and being immersed in the system of tourism. The success of your interactions will depend a lot on how you understand the culture and motivation for travel. This module is meant to empower you with the necessary knowledge and skills that will help you be a satisfied worker in this vital and evolving industry.

This module is meant for self-study. It comprises two units, each of which has been designed and structured in a consistent manner to ease navigation and study. Each Unit starts with an introduction followed by objectives. The objectives are meant to help you assess your learning in terms of what you would be able to do after studying a particular Unit. Self-assessment activities are embeded in the study materials to promote active learning. A few of the activities may require you to draw on past experiences with respect to your daily interactions with others. You are advised to complete all the activities before examining our feedback. The summary highlights the key points developed in the Unit.

In Unit 1 you will be introduced to the basic concepts and vocabulary of tourism relevant to this particular module, and your specific job.

Once you are equipped with the basics of tourism, you will move on to Unit 2. Here we will look at the ways individuals move from place to place and are motivated to travel. As a Tour Guide you will continuously need to interact with persons from various countries, cultures and backgrounds. This diversity influence the needs that individuals have and demand.

Good luck with completing your course module!