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First of all we need to recognise our customers’ individual needs. Then if necessary

  • find a way to communicate effectively with them;
  • respond to their needs and provide them with the products or services that they require in a way that is appropriate to their circumstances.

Some organisations provide special facilities for customers with individual needs such as:

  • ramp;
  • lifts for those with mobility problems;
  • facilities for wheel chair users;
  • toilets and changing facilities for the parents of young children;
  • seating for expectant mothers, the elderly or anyone who is unwell.

Now complete activity 18.

Activity 18

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Make a note of the facilities, provided by your organisation/agency, to assist customers who have particular needs.

If you are unsure about what you are allowed to do for any of your customers always seek advice from your immediate supervisor.

Now complete activity 19.

Activity 19

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Think about two customers with particular needs whom you have helped. Describe the customers’ needs and the way that you responded to their requirements.

             The customer’s particular needs 	How you responded to their requirements
Customer 1	
Customer 2