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Procedures for handling financial transactions

If your job includes handling customers’ financial transactions, your organisation/agency will have procedures that you have to follow.

Whether you take payments for services from customers or send invoices to customers, these procedures will be designed to ensure that:

  • the organisation’s systems are followed;
  • financial transactions are accurate;
  • the security of the organisation’s money is maintained.

It is important that you fully understand these financial procedures and adhere to them whenever you are involved in transactions with your customers.

Refunds policy and procedures

If your organisation/agency charges its customers for services there may be occasions when customers are entitled to receive their money back. The circumstances in which customers are offered a refund and the methods used to administer the repayment should be included in the organisation’s refund policy.

A clear and fair refund policy can be a good customer service tool which gives customers confidence in their dealings with the organisation/agency. They would know that if things go wrong they would be able to get their money back. For example when a trip is cancelled, your customers are entitled to a refund of payments made. Because of this many organisations display their refunds policy where their customers can examine it.

It is important that you are fully familiar with your organisation’s policy for refunds and that you adhere to it in your dealings with your customers