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In many cases your activities/services are governed by legislation(s). The legislation(s) that regulate the service delivery in your agency may imply sanctions in case of non-compliance/unsatisfactory service. This may include any omission or shortcoming in the service delivery.

Some of the articles that were in the code of ethics may also be included in the legislations. Many countries have Tourism Board/Bureau that is set up to ensure customer service excellence that is a legal requirement.

Some examples of legislations that may be relevant include those pertaining to

  • Occupational Safety, Health and Welfare;
  • Immigration and foreign visa
  • Consumer Protection
  • Computer Misuse and Cyber Crime;
  • Data Protection;
  • Labour regulations.

While delivering customer services you must take full account of all relevant legislations. This is why it is important that you are familiar with the different legislations that are relevant for the services in your agency.

Activity 5

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What areas of legislation apply to your agency? Make a list of the main fields or acts with which your services must comply.

The only way that an organisation can offer better quality is by offering better service. Customer service excellence is the hallmark of success in the tour guiding sector.

Activity 6

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Why should you bother trying to improve the quality of service excellence in your organisation? Give five reasons with explanations.