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It may be his/her first visit when you meet a tourist. It is likely that he/she will be having some problems. Customers expect you to help them when they experience difficulties. They are likely to approach you for assistance. The way that you help customers to overcome difficulties can leave a lasting impression on your customers. If they are dissatisfied with the service they have received, they will be reluctant to use/recommend your services in the future. Now complete activity 20

Activity 20

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Imagine that you are involved in each of these three situations and describe the way you would feel as a result.

(i) Your Supervisor has told you that one of your customers has written to him praising the way that you dealt with an enquiry for him and complimenting you on your customer service skills.

(ii) You have just put the phone down after having a difficult conversation with a customer who is not happy about the service that she received. You can understand why the customer was so angry because you know that you let her down.

(iii) A customer, who had complained about a service, has just gone away happy because you took the trouble to sort out the problem quickly and effectively.