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Customers have a right to expect that the information and advice you provide them with will be accurate. You should find out from a reliable source before giving information if you do not

  • know the answer to a customer’s question;
  • have the information that a customer requires.

At best, inaccurate information or advice will give a poor impression of you and your agency when the customer discovers that it is incorrect. At worst, customers who act upon inaccurate information that you have provided may put themselves at risk of danger, compromising future prospects, health, damage to property or financial loss, etc.

Always be certain that the information and advice that you give is accurate and avoid making promises that you will not be able to keep. There may be serious consequences if you tell your customer something that is not correct.

Now complete activity 14.

Activity 14

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Think about the following two situations. Incorrect information or advice has been given. Make a note of the likely consequences for the customer.

(i) A customer has called the airport to find out the time of the ABC Air flight to Singapore. She is incorrectly told that it will leave at 10.30. In fact the plane took off one hour earlier.

(ii) A tourist wants advice regarding VAT refund. He is told that there is no refund. Actually foreigners are eligible for VAT refund at the airport on departure.

Checking the customers’ understanding of information provided

When you have provided information or advice for your customers you need to be certain that it has been understood. How can this be done?

You can do this by

  • watching the customer’s reaction to what you tell them;
  • listening to what the customer says in response to the information;
  • asking the customer questions to check that your communication was clear and meets their needs.

If you feel that a customer has not fully understood your information or advice, be sure to do something to put it right. You can do this by explaining yourself again and trying to make your message more obvious.