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Coordination of the Planning Process

Another important step in the development of marketing plan is to coordinate the planning process. It is worth noting that the entrepreneur may lack the experience necessary in preparing the plan because he is the only person involve. However, he may seek assistance from other bodies that help small businesses like the Small Business Enterprices Unit in the Ministry of Enterprise and Employment.

Designing Responsibility for Implementation

It is important that the marketing plan to be implemented effectively so that it meets the goals and objectives of the firm. It is important that someone be assigned the responsibility for implementing all the decisions in the marketing plan.

Budgeting the Marketing Strategy

It is important in planning to consider all the costs involved in the implementation of the decisions. The marketing budget also helps in the preparation of the financial plan.

Implementing the marketing plan

The marketing plan has to be implemented so that it achieves the desired goals and objectives. It is important at this stage to be committed to make adjustments as guided by the marketing environment.

Monitoring Process and Marketing Actions

This is the last step in the development of the marketing plan. It involves checking results vesus efforts. The results are based on the goals and objectives. If the entrepreneur fails to meet some of the goals, he/she must be flecible and be prepared to make adjustments.