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The WORKSHOP | Introduction | Objectives | Participants | Workshop Schedule | Guidelines and Working Space

World Open Education Resource (OER) Congress was held in Paris during June 2012. The experts supported extensively the use of OER in 2012 Paris OER Declaration. The declaration emphasized on fostering awarensess and use of OER, OER Policies, use of open licensing frameworks and research on OER etc.

Pacing with the above OER movement and aligning with National Policy shifting towards “Equity in quality education for all” , VMOU has adopted OER policy at the Institutional level. Furthering the process, VMOU is planning to have a Workshop on Open Education Resources in collaboration with Commonwealth Education Media Centre for Asia (CEMCA). The workshop will be conducted by experts from CEMCA , New Delhi from 17th to 19th May 2013 at VMOU, Kota.

This workshop will spread the OER awareness and provide a platform for faculty and others to upload the contents created by them.