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My vision for My Contribution to WikiEducator

My Plans for WikiEducator

I am assisting Phil on putting Community Empowerment material onto WikiEducator

Currently, I am designing a course on participatory management, using resources from the Community Empowerment Web Site. See: Participatory Management

I am also translating the FAQ file to Romanian. See: FAQ

Potentialul Communitatii

A Few Web Pages

Outside This Site

Inside This WE Site

Future Courses (Insh Allah)

Frequent Contacts

Our little band, and friends of CE

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Iulia Bulibasa Hélia DezimahataLory Phil Bartle
Shamsi Sohrab Kieran Groeger Jafar Filfil
Cristina Varela María (Nahir) Seijo Inês Pinto
Élodie Chatlais Valerie Taylor
Friends: Gladys Gahona Jibril Touzi