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eLearning Africa is delighted to announce that next year’s conference, the fourth in the highly successful series of pan-African gatherings, will take place in Senegal. In May 2009, the Continent’s largest annual assembly of eLearning and education professionals from Africa and beyond will convene in the capital, Dakar.

Moving to Senegal in 2009, eLearning Africa continues to build and expand a worldwide network for people involved in all aspects of technology-enhanced education and training in Africa, including management and policymaking. As with the previous conferences, eLearning Africa 2009 will be conducted in both English and French. The eLearning Africa website will keep you up to date with the latest information and developments. Details about the themes, the local venue and other components of the event will be available soon.

Scope and Size eLearning Africa is the most comprehensive conference on ICT for development, education and training on the Continent. Its mission is to bring people together who are actively engaged in education and implementation of learning technologies in schools, universities, corporate training as well as in education in the public sector. Participants are high-level decision-makers such as Ministers of Education, representatives from government agencies, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), development agencies and international organisations, senior executives from businesses, as well as practitioners from all fields of education.

Networking Across the Globe Participant figures for the annual event have grown significantly – from 832 at the debut event in 2006 to 1502 delegates at the third conference in Accra in May 2008. Attendees come from more than 80 countries in Africa and the wider globe – a geographic and cultural richness that is unrivalled. The strong African involvement – 80 percent of the delegates come from the Continent – makes it a truly pan-African event.

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A Growing Community eLearning Africa is continuously building a genuine community of practice linked to the event. It actively helps to build networks and links that contribute to capacity-development for education in Africa. African education professionals and stakeholders can benchmark, learn and share with colleagues from all over the world. By fostering international partnerships, eLearning Africa strengthens the Continent’s numerous educational technology initiatives and projects. For the education industry, it has become the reference event for technology-enhanced learning in Africa.

Real-World Experiences Moving from one country to another each year, the conference has built up support and interest in different parts of Africa. Allowing for a strong local input, it has provided a window on what is happening on the ground in different regions. This is reflected in a rich and diverse conference agenda that features best-practices using all types of technology and different approaches. Contributions come from African governments and major development organisations, from NGOs, universities, schools as well as from the private sector.

An Open Environment Participants value the friendly and open atmosphere of eLearning Africa that allows networking across sectors as well as geographical and cultural borders. The conference brings together the various interest groups such as practitioners, support agencies, suppliers and researchers to a single event. This presents the unique opportunity to create a real picture of what is happening in the field in Africa.