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The Inventory window is like a Finder or Windows Explorer. Little triangles are used to open or close a folder. If you want to rename an item you need to Context-click on the object's name then select the Rename menu item. If you want move an item you need to drag that item's icon. You have to click the triangle exactly for it to open or close a folder.

Create, rename, edit and delete folders

Move objects between folders

To move objects between folders, open your inventory, find the object you want, click and hold the left mouse button (or context click and hold), drag the object over the top of the folder you want, and let go of the mouse button when over the folder. If the folder is open, you can drag the object on top of the list of items in the folder.

Rename folders

Find the folder you want to rename, Context-click it and select the Rename option. Note that built in, default folders such as the Clothing, Landmarks, Objects and Textures folders cannot be renamed.

Set properties on objects

Context (Right) click and select properties.

Manage objects and other materials

To reduce inventory items you can put many objects into a cube. Create a cube, then, while editing, click on the Contents tab and drag and drop inventory objects, or click and hold the shift key to select a range, and drag to the Contents tab. The mouse cursor will change to indicate that you are dragging multiple items. Take the cube back into your Inventory by Context clicking on the object and select Take.

Delete items

Highlight the object, Context click and select delete. Empty trash bin.

Give inventory

Click Inventory, drag an item or folder onto another avatar to transfer onto another avatar to transfer stuff; click and drag to recipient avatar. Right click avatar click profile and drop onto profile. If someone is on your friends list you can also view their profile there.

Find and retrieve from your inventory

For example, the Search text box type (worn) to locate items that you are wearing.

Effective use of inventory search functionality

Every tab in the Inventory window has a filter mechanism, the search box above the tab. As you type a string in to the search box, the items displayed in the tab are those that start with the characters you have typed so far. Occasionally, it is possible to forget that you have filtered to only include those objects that start with the string in the search box. If you think lots of your objects have suddenly disappeared, check your search text, and remove the text so that all your items in the tab will be displayed.
Using more than one inventory window.
Saving objects back to your inventory

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