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An exercise that explores the birthing unit on Kowhai.

Teleport to Kowhai Island and work your way around this Treasure Hunt.

Create a new notecard and rename it to your real life name. You will use this card to record your answers to the questions below.

  1. View your facilitator's profile and name one of their interests.
  2. Take a photo of yourself in a new item of clothing and save to your desktop.
  3. What is the name of NMIT's other island in SL and in what direction does it lie from Kowhai (North, South, East, West)?
  4. What colour is the object (above the dance floor on Koru) that enables dancing?
  5. The design of the “the birth place” used birth unit design principles that were developed by researchers at what institutions?
  6. How many clinic rooms are there in the birth centre?
  7. How many couches are there in the seminar/meeting area?
  8. How many birth rooms does “the birth place” have?
  9. How many references are supplied for the information on water immersion for labour and birth?
  10. Name one object in the birth room that could be used to support a woman who is active and mobile in labour?
  11. What is the range of MJ used in energy by a labouring woman per hour?
  12. Are the drapes in the birth room able to be opened?

When you have written all the answers on your notecard, give your note card to your facilitator.