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How and when it is acceptable to approach others

All friends began as strangers at some point, so it’s generally okay to start a friendly conversation. However, if the other person doesn’t respond or doesn’t want to hold a conversation it is not considered acceptable to keep trying to involve them.

Recording other people's conversations or taking photographs

It is considered very impolite to record conversations or take ‘photographs’ without the subjects' permission (just as in real life), so you should ask them if it’s okay first.

Asking for personal information

It is considered rude to ask a stranger for details of their real life. If they wanted it to be generally known, it would be in their profile. After getting to know someone and becoming friends it’s acceptable to ask about things in which you have a genuine interest – like in real life if someone mentions something that interests us, we ask questions to get more detail.

The international environment

While Second Life is used internationally, it tends to follow the same pattern as other virtual worlds and real life i.e. while there is plenty of mingling of cultural groups, language barriers remain and groups tend to form along these lines. Translators can help, but they often struggle to translate correctly for the context, use correct grammar and deal with slang, so most people stay where the predominant language is one they are fluent in.