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Using Flickr for Teaching and Learning

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This is a page about how to use the popular photo sharing site Flickr for Teaching and Learning. Flickr arguably has one of the most direct and simple implications for networked learning and is a favourite amongst many educators.

What is Flickr?

Flickr is a web-based photo hosting service and online community platform. It was launched in 2004 but in early 2005 was purchased by Yahoo. Flickr is based on the notion that sharing photographs is a social activity and many consider it to be the first web-based photo hosting service to successfully translate this experience into the online space. The key element that makes Flickr so unique is that online collaboration and community are interwoven as main components of the platform design.[1]

Flickr Groups

Flickr includes the ability to form a group on any subject you like. A Group provides discussion forum capabilities as well as the option to post pictures to the group (does this just use a specialized tag?.. don't remember.) For an example of a Flickr group, see the Flickr For Education group. The group includes a Group Photo Pool and a Discussion forum. There is also an RSS feed of the Discussion threads available from this page.




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[1] The Promise of Social Networks. Derek E Baird. November 1, 2005.