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Certain characteristics of computer interaction can make computers well suited for distance learning. The features listed below the prospect of the computer use look more promising:

1)Access to expert and respected peers.

2)One to One and much communication.

3)Active learner participations.

4)Linking of new learning to concrete on the job problems.

5)Follow up, feedback and implementation support from pears or experts.

6)Self direction control over stop or start, time, pace and place of learning or communication activity.


A computer is used in all human life. It has revolutionized all phases of human activities. The most important have been given as follows:-

1)Routine job handling :
the routine classical and stenotype jobs calculating and formality bits, salaries, updating stocks, tax return, reservation records and information.

2)Traffic control:
Controlling traffic, traffic lights. Television cameras are used to maintain traffic light routine.

3)Electronic money:
Automic tellers machine (ATM) is very common in banks. You can deposit and withdraw money with the ATM.

4)Electronic office:
All type information are stored, manipulated and utilized in the electronic form. A document is sent to different place with FAX, internet and e-mail.

5)Industrial Application:
It plays an important role in production control. It is bringing efficiency it trade and industry.

With help computerized telephone through satellites STD and IST services have been introduced. It maintains the record of calls and does the billing for you.

Every type of trade computer is used successfully. It is used in Banks, stock exchanges to control stocks and accounts.

8)Scientific research:
In every science, the research work becomes economical from time, energy, money point of new. A large data is analyzed very quickly.

There is wide use in medical science e. g. ECG, CAT scan, Ultra sound. The proper and accounts diagnosis is done with the help of computer. The medical apparatus are controlling computerized.

10)Space Science:
The satellite controlling I the space with the help of computer. The information’s are collected by using the computer from the space satellite.

11)Publication:,br> The composing work is done speedily and economical with the help of computer. The designing work is also done by computer. The quality is maintained is publication by computer.

The computer is used for sending message example printer, FAX, e-mail, Internet. The import and export work is done on internet.

13)Film industry:
It had influenced film industry such as animation; titeling etc.The multimedia approach is used in film production with the help of computer. The cartoon films are developed by computers.

The computer is widely used in the field of education and independent study field of computer science has developed which is popular these days. At every stage computer is compulsory. The distance education is using computer for instructional purpose as multimedia approach. The computer makes teacher learning process effecting by involving audio and visual sense of learners.