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Bold textForm 6 Tutor

Bold textSt Stephen Community College

Bold textMakira Ulawa Province

Bold textD.O.B 11/11/08

Bold textSolomon Islander



My name is Castro Muaki. I come from Nukukaisi village in Makira Ulawa province. My village is the biggest one in the province. It is a polynesian community in a predominantly melanesian setting, that in itself make the community an interesting place to live in especially the notable experience encountered as a result of the mix of people in the place.

How to bullet lists

  • topic 1
  • 2topic 2
    • topic 2.1
    • topic 2.2
      • topic 3.1
      • topic 3.2

How to make numbered bullet points

  1. topic 1
  2. topic 2
    • sub topic 2.1
    • sub topic 2.2
  • one
  • two

unit 1. What is Development Studies. Bold textunit 1.1. Definition Bold textunit 1.2. Development Indicators Bold textunit 1.3. Development Gap

unit 2 Bold text