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"BODMAS- Skills Involving Order Of Operations In Arithmetic In Middle School"


       During class room supervision (Stop gap arrangement periods) a feed back through simplification problem was taken. The ability of student to perform order of operations was tested.In this pilot study the rules (hierarchy of operations )for simplifying an expression using BODMAS was used to help students gain better understanding of order of operations. The study involve 45 students of KV AFS High Grounds studying in classes VI.VII and VIII in the session 2018-19 and 2019-20. The Pre-Test /Post-Test designed was adopted for the study.After comparing the score a positive progress and greater motivation was found. 36 students out of 45 were able to solve the mathematical expression successfully. Most of the students started that it became easier to remember the order of expression. 

INTRODUCTION: producing high achievers requires students to achieve excellently in three core subjects , english language,mathematics,and science .learning in the 21st century requires having strong fundamental background of these subjects. On of the examples that a 21st century learner must master is the fundamental arithmetic operations such as Addition, Subtraction ,Multiplication and also Division.To master these fundamental background there is the need in the understanding of conceptual knowledge. Student should know how to use an connect the relationship between(Brackets,Of Orders),Division, Multiplication,Addition,and Subtraction

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How about working with small students towards popularization of science

Encourage ,guide, support and give freedom to come out with constructive ideas.

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