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Hello. My name is Tauvaga Vaai. I am employed at the National University of Samoa as Senior Professional Development Officer. My area of work centers around the professional and curriculum development in the technical and vocational arm of teriary education under the umbrella of the Oloamanu - the Center for Professional Development and Continuing Education. In the area of teaching I coordinate and deliver some courses in Adult Education which is part of a teaching program known as CAT (Certificate in Adult Teaching)offered specifically for educators in the TVET sector. In addition I coordinate curriculum development activities for the Institute of Technology. Stated below is a brief description of the Oloamanu Center.

The Oloamanu center caters for professional development and continuing education prgrams for teachers in vocational and higher education. Programs of study are offered via face to face and ODL modes. The following programs are currently offered:

  1. CAT - Certificate in Adult Program
  2. Executive Development Program
  3. Incountry Training Programs containing a variety of courses requested by government and non govenrment organizations
  4. Community education by provision of programs and activities especially through consultative purposes
  5. Curriculum development support

Please contact us at the National University of Samoa our address is []

Talofa Tau hope youre enjoying your afternoon here at NIE....--Siatu 07:33, 22 March 2007 (CET)

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