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 'The Children's Film Society'

The world is being engulfed by this new wave..called the media. the effect of the media is inevitable. Approps to this situation,the question of exposure of media to the children becomes a very pertinent and crucial question.

The Children's Film Society is trying to work in this field only. It was established in 1955 by the then prime minister pandit jawahar lal nehru.It is an organisation dedicated to providing wholesome entertainment to the budding citizens of india.This organisation functions under the aegis of the ministry of information nad broadcasting. CFSI's maiden production 'Jaldeep', an adventure story centered around a lighthouse went on to win the first prize at the 1957 Venice Film Festival for Children's Films.this was just the beginning..the society has ventured into projects,involving the mainstream as well as the parralel cinema. This is an interesting development.

the link to this site is [1]

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