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Natural languages and learning mathematics.002:41, 13 May 2011

Natural languages and learning mathematics.

Not sure what age levels your group will be considering, but in the early years of learning mathematics, natural language plays a critical part in conceptualization of mathematical concepts. In some English language learning communities the term “whole number” is used (as opposed to “natural number”) because the learner comes to class with a good understanding of the word “whole”. Similarly in special relationships, the prepositions “in”, “on”, “by” and “near” which are integral parts in game playing and other preschool activities of young learners give them a foundation for learning to define geometric figures and applying metrics to them. When I worked in South Asia I often wondered when teachers went to local natural languages to explain mathematical concepts, whether they were getting the maximum benefit. Hopefully your group will explore this very important area. Good luck.

Jim Kelly (

Jkelly952 (talk)02:41, 13 May 2011