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Interactive lecture of Dr.Mistry003:52, 10 March 2015

Interactive lecture of Dr.Mistry

Madam, Today's lecture of Dr.Mistry was good, but is it really practically possible due to the following reasons: 1. We most of the teachers have completed more than 15 years tenure in enjoying teaching ,some of them have lost the interest of teaching, they do not engage their weekly lectures quota honestly. In fact I will say most of the teachers are not even working for their institutions in proportion to the salary they are drawing. 2.I rural area due to load shedding and other infrastructural constraints virtual technical aid cannot be used. 3. Above all human attitude is resist to change, he or she hardly like to go out of their comfort zones and show utmost commitment towards student and institutions. Therefore, I thing such lecture is very much useful for newcomers those who have entered in this field out of interest and have full of energy and enthusiasm. Please give your comments. Prof Vishnu Bhandare

Prof.Vishnu J V (talk)03:52, 10 March 2015