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(Curriculum Educational Doctoral Student; Networking Specialist; Virtual Mediator; Social Media Technology Consultant)

Chapter Management Based on Knowledge in Education: Undertaking from Communities of Practice (CoP) in State Public Network presents the possibility of creating communities of practice (CoP) in state public education. Discourse excerpts that indicate the possibility of implementing the community are taken from the course named School Management and Technologies Project. During the course, managers get to know organization, registration, storage and dissemination tools, and, in the end, participants state they would like to continue the discussion. The objective of the course is to develop educational managers to use the technology in the administrative and pedagogical managements. It is evidenced the curriculum of the course, interfaces and intentionalities with the tools used in the learning environment, so that the reader can understand the participants’ paths in the course. The extracted data for analysis is digital, especially from forum and portfolio tools. In written pieces from managers, it can be found the everyday social experiences, the contexts, the actions, the partnerships and the intention of a space to treat of the daily practice with peers. They want to work with colleagues to produce quality education with technological resources.

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