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--Mackiwg 22:57, 12 June 2007 (CEST)

Still another welcome

Hi Mathguruix, pleased to meet you here on our WikiEducator platform for educators all around the globe.

Are you in mathematics, as your user name suggests? I'm maths teacher, so maybe we could have some interesting discussions!

My name is Günther Osswald, a secondary school teacher from Germany. I’m part of our welcome committee, and if you have questions or need help, I’m willing to assist you.

First, I would like to ask you if you can tell us something about your expectations towards WikiEducator, as you have opened an account here. Then we can see what is needed to fulfil them. If you need help for this, please proceed to my welcome page.

If you want to know more about me, please visit my user page; my user name is --White Eagle 10:42, 13 June 2007 (CEST)


Thank you very much for the welcome. It made me feel good. I joined wikieducator because one of the projects that I have to do for my job is to learn about wiki's, and wikieducator seemed like a good site to help me do just that. I will most likely be making a wiki to put together a research project for presentation, and it may end up being a project that many people can benefit from, but I am not quite sure yet. Also, yes, I have a mathematics background as my user name suggests, I am a math major in college right now, studying to get a degree in math and possible a double major in mechanical engineering as well, haven't decided yet, and I am getting certification to teach secondary education here in the US, hopefully I will be teaching high school calculus. So, this site will help me with that as well as my current job. I want to contribute to this community, becasuse I think it is a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful thing to help bring into the world. Society and the world could benefit from it. I feel that I have something to contribute to this community and I very much want to do what I can to do so, whether I can offer something that the community needs now or down the road, or preferably both. I would love to have some good math conversations with you, it is one of my very favorite things ever. You seem extremely knowledgable about this site and it's workings. I would also love some help with that. I am always willing to learn, and I feel that the more I learn, the more there is to know, and the better it makes me as a person. I strive to be a lifelong learner and I always try to make every experience a learning experience. The saying that knowledge is power is in my opinion more true than I can even begin to explain. So, now that I have introduced myself and talked a whole lot, if you could help me out that would be fantastic. I hope I wasn't too confusing. Thank you again.



Hi Steph,

thanks for your personal and informative answer. I've tranferred it here to your user page, if you don't mind. Great that you want to contribute to WikiEducator community. I also think this is a good way for a teacher to bring some “development aid” to the world. And this can be a very satisfying thing, because it includes the personal and professional development of oneself, as you have understood already. This project is still quite new, so you’ll find not so much mathematics content yet. Just google for “mathematics” to see what there is. One entry is about “higher secondary maths” (see list of content). If you like to, you could review it and leave the authors some commentary. If you can see little mistakes, you can correct them right away. You can use our wiki here for your research project. F. ex. create sub-pages of your user page and go ahead. No permission needed. And if you feel it’s worth while being seen by “the world”, create some good links leading to it.
By the way, as I’m no native speaker, I’m always appreciating people correcting language mistakes in my texts!
Discussion on maths is not yet on here on WikiEd, look for that on Thanks again for your readiness to support us!
Günther --White Eagle 10:14, 18 June 2007 (CEST)

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