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Hi Jinky32,

Welcome to WikiEducator! We would love to work with OpenLearn. Sadly the CC license adopted by OpenLearn does not meet the requirements of the free cultural works definition. The inclusion of the NC restriction in the OpenLearn project means that we cannot mix and match content from WikiEducator with OpenLearn content because of the incompatibilities between free and non-free CC licenses ...;-(. The Open University points out that because many OU courses contain third party materials - they would not have been able to have implemented a license without the NC restriction. However - it would conceivably be possible for the OU to remove the NC restriction from materials where they hold the copyright.

Is there a particular content area in OpenLearn where you were thinking of working with WikiEducator? If so its always possible to approach OpenLearn and request release of that particular module or unit under CC-BY-SA.


--Mackiwg 00:14, 26 April 2007 (CEST)

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