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Exploring Community Media Statistics004:20, 20 December 2008

Exploring Community Media Statistics

I enjoyed doing this activity.

1) The pages that interest me the least are the ones that have less amount of views. For example the ones that have 1 or 2 views. I believe that it wasn't of interest to the rest so I felt that I wouldn't be interested. I opened the file CommunityMedia/Masrab/Brindava. I did not find it interested. It was theater workshop for Brindava schoolAlso I thought that it was not of interest to me because only one viewer had looked at it.

2) There were two pages that the most amounts of views. One was that of 201 and 183. The first one had the most and then the other page of Media Media Content. As a matter of fact both pages were about Community Media Content.

3) I managed to open all the pages and was able to modify or localize which I could copy, paste edit and which is good because it gives access to free content which will enhance learning. It is time saving because it takes less time to search.

Feliciana (talk)04:20, 20 December 2008