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Dockice101:36, 26 March 2009
From Ivy103:05, 23 March 2009

Hi Gurmit

Good to meet you. wanted to see how this user talk actually works.

best wishes dockice

Dockice (talk)09:52, 6 November 2008

Hi Gurmit

I just signed up, and I am happy to be a member here..

Thank you for the idea you gave to me regarding working with Arabic language radio station.

Keep in touch

Hassancherry (talk)01:36, 26 March 2009

Gurmit, Did you get my reply? I'm not sure how this thing works but I'd like to prepare a set of short piece to air on our station for the month of december and you seem to be the best resource person available at the moment. Ivy

Ivygordon557 (talk)14:51, 8 November 2008

Hi Ivy

Yes, I got your 2 replies, thanks so much. I am a trainer, who works in HIV, but I am not a community media professional However, I have written plays for theatre, and short stories.

What kind of resources do you need?.

There's just so much out there-it depends on if you want scientific content or educational, or creative materials.

Please let me know, and I can help you find it.


Gurmit (talk)23:27, 8 November 2008