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Psychology in the modern days have undergone various changes, become multi-dimensional when compared to the traditional one. Mind Power Training has also taken a quantum leap with the heralding of the 3rd millennium. As far as India is concerned, with its one billion plus population, the number of Mind Power Trainers are highly negligible. Its just one dozen for such a huge population. Hence the experts say that in the future, the demand for Mind Power Trainers, Motivational Trainers etc will be on the rise. I have personally undergone rigourous training in Mind Power Programming. The whole crux of the technique is centred around our sub-conscious mind. In fact,we have to tame the sub-conscious mind which is the store house of all our memories. It is rightly compared to a garden wherein we plant many seeds both good and bad.. Seeds symbolise human thoughts. If our thoughts are good and harmonious, then obviously, good returns are certain to follow. Whatever good thoughts are fed to our conscious mind are accepted by the sub-conscious mind and imprinted. If we are to repeat positive affirmations, then by all means these get imprinted in our sub-conscious mind and then we are in total control of our body.... Only goodness will follow.. Sub-conscious mind is like the gold mind or better still the treasure house of our body.

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