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My profile

Hi, my name is Debbi Stanley. I live in San Jose, CA USA. I work at Loranger International Corp. and am currently attending college. My job history varies from Warranty Clerk for an automobile company, to a Service Manager for a Goodyear store to an Executive Admin. to the President. I have an AA degree Paralegal Studies and Business and CIS. I am currently working on a Bachelor's in Marketing.

My interests

I'm interested in:


  • Salmon


  • Project Gutenberg


  • Paralegal


  • Fast

Icon objectives.jpg
  • Practice creating pages
  • Practice editing pages

My Website, blog and contact particulars

Please e-mail me at

Group 2 Fall 2009 CIS2 WikiEducator Page Outline

I was thinking:

1. Intro

2. There's lots of good quality information about lots of topics.

      A.  Science projects
       B. Grammar Tools

3. Help for teaching educationally challenged.

       A.  ADD & ADHD, Dyslexic
       B.  Non-English as a first language

4. Closing

Deforestastion Possible Links for examples (3 good links) (3 good links

Group 2 Fall 2009 CIS2 WikiEducator Page Task List

I think the tasks involved are:

1. physically setting up and formatting the page, and providing a title

2. Researching, writing about and providing links to other WikiEducator sites (that may have links to non Wikieducator sites )that focus on the points we are presenting.

3. writing intro and closing paragraphs