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Nutrition on the Mind?

Nutrition and Fitness

Lesson Plan

This lesson plan is designed to teach the importance of nutrition and the fitness curriculum. In this lesson plan, the biochemical components of food will be introduced, the new food pyramid will be discussed and finally the importance of staying actively fit will be emphasized. Also, connection to cellular respiration as well as the negative effects of poor nutrition/fitness habits will be explained/discussed.

Standards Addressed 1.Understanding the NEW Food Pyramid 2.Comprehending the Biochemical Makeup of Food 3.Understanding WHY fitness is so important.

General Goal(s):

Students will be aware of why healthy foods are a better choice, as well as how fitness is crucial to a healthy lifestyle.

Specific Objectives

-Introduce the concept of "metabolism" and tie in the biological concepts of Cellular Respiration
-Explain and Illustrate the Biochemical Components of Food (i.e: Calorie, Lipids, Amino Acids, Carbohydrates)
-Specify how Cellular Respiration ties in with fitness and where "energy" comes from.

Example of ONE ACTIVITY that could be used to introduce the NEW PYRAMID

Note: Before starting the Activity introduce the FIVE food groups present in the New Food Pyramid.'

Description: In this activity, students learn about the five food groups and how to use the food pyramid as their guide.

Step-By-Step Procedures:

1.The students will prepare on paper a diagram of a food pyramid, without the help of his/her peers. The purpose is to find out what they think the correct portions are before the correct amount is given.
2.The students will evaluate for one week the foods they eat. They will record a daily log as given by the teacher. It will be from Monday thru Monday.
3.Teacher will then list the six categories shown on the food pyramid (5 food groups: grains, protein, dairy, fruits, vegetables; and sweets/fats -- use sparingly) on the board.
4.After that week is complete, each student will analyze their nutrition intake and for the following week will adjust their intake to fit the new pyramid.