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My profile

Here is yuanyuan.jr.I would prefer my name be spelled in lower case>_< I teach English at university and facilitate an NGO program of organic farming and sustainable living. I will get my MA in English literature this May.Hope everything goes fine. Honestly,I am an obsessive perfectionist and avoid facing the truth sometimes. I love novel ideas and voluntary service in the fields of art and culture. To see how wiki works in education is so much fun and I cannot wait to know more about it. Finally I would like to express my gratitude to Edu2Do and haokanbu which inspired me a lot in last year.Thanks.

My interests

I love:

  • watching reality shows,tv series
  • purchasing and reading interesting books
  • share with students what I found in life
  • daydreaming
  • talk with interesting people
  • kitty
  • apple scent

I hate:

  • hypocrite
  • water-heater of my house
  • (thinking the next...)

My Website, blog and contact particulars