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Blendtec Blender Models

Although I certainly really feel it is money properly spent, an investment into a high-performance blender is not one particular that really should be manufactured casually. I advise all future consumers to analysis their choices as extensively as possible. And most do if for no other explanation than the value factors of the higher-end units. Unfortunately, choosing the correct a single is not the simplest of searching experiences. Sorting the several producers and corresponding designs of super-blenders is 1 big problem to overcome. An even larger one, in my opinion, is the abundance of conflicting information from different sources on the really same models. An on-line research for Blendtec A1-31Q-34S Q13 Blender," for instance, will yield numerous internet sites providing the client almost everything from small general descriptions to lengthy, bullet-pointed feature, use, and specification lists. Pay A Visit To a lot more than a few of them, though, and you are going to be left wondering whether or not it includes a 1 ½, 2, or 2 ½ horsepower motor. One website states it comes with a co-polyester jar. An Additional claims it can be polycarbonate. One Particular reviewer will complain about getting to use a tamper for all his recipes. An Additional will declare she never ever makes use of hers. A reconditioned Vitamix carries with it a 5 yr warranty. Or is it seven?

When not demonstrating my blenders I commit most of my operating hrs answering e-mail queries about them. One Particular of the more frequent inquiries I acquire is from those taking into consideration multiple versions created by Blendtec. Specifically, I Am asked about the distinctions among the Complete Blender and the Blendtec TB-621-BHM Blender. With an abundance of misleading YouTube and erroneous opinions and merchandise pages from some of the world's foremost on the web retailers, I ponder tiny why confusion abounds amongst those attempting to educate by themselves prior to buying. To be certain, each are wonderful machines. But there are minor differences in consumer interface and, perhaps, not-so small getting criteria of which prospective buyers will want to make on their own aware.


Also known as the Blendtec Home Blender, the HP3A is a revision of the well-liked Blendtec HPA-621-B Blender model released commercially by Blendtec's parent organization in the mid-1990s. Originally designed for coffee and smoothie shops, it was the initial high-performance blender on the industry that contains a microchip allowing for pre-programmed blending cycles. The transformation into the existing HP3A product largely involved a revision of this programming. The Somme Blender was launched in late 2004 as the company's very first model developed specifically for property use. Also making use of Smart-Touch Tec-nology™, it is regarded as by Blendtec to be the a lot more user-friendly of the two machines.

Both the Somme Blender and Blendtec ICB3 Blender are manufactured in Blendtec's Orem, Utah, manufacturing facility. Both contain the identical 13 amp, 1560 watt motor and are offered in identical motor foundation finishes in the FourSide, WildSide, and Combo container packages. Whereas the Somme Blender is sold on-line right by way of Blendtec or its approved affiliates, the HP3A is available via dealers. When bought by way of any of its approved agents, equally models carry a 7 12 months manufacturer's warranty. Recipe guides and user manuals are included with each models as well.


From a functional utilization standpoint, the two machines separate on their own by way of distinctly distinct manage panels and consumer interfaces. The panel on the Somme Blender is made up of 9 buttons, 6 of which are labeled with the certain functions every performs. These are known as "blend cycle" buttons. In total there are 13 features labeled throughout the 6 blend cycles. Additionally, two buttons let the consumer to manually decide on any of the blender's ten speeds up and down, and the Pulse button will spin the blender's blades at medium-high velocity for only as extended as it is held depressed.

Every recipe in the ebook Blendtec contains with the Total Blender can be achieved by loading the correct ingredients into the container, finding the corresponding blend cycle button on the panel, and pressing it a solitary time. The device will operate for the proper duration of time, as well as change speeds as necessary, ahead of stopping alone after getting executed the distinct operation selected. Really Should the consumer want to cease the blender although it is running on any of its pre-programmed or guide cycles, any of the mix cycle buttons on the panel will do so when pressed.

The interface on the HP3A entails a blend of the control panel, also containing 9 buttons, and the blue LED display just beneath it on the front of the blender. A Pulse button and Pace Up/Down buttons function just like these on the Complete Blender. Twenty-five mix cycle configurations are accessed by utilizing the Pick Cycle Menu button to select 1 of 5 categories which appear digitally on the screen, then the Velocity Up/Down buttons (which serve a twin function of navigating the cycle options), also showing on the screen, inside of the category. Examples consist of "Ice Cream," "Granita," "Ice Cappuccino," "FullStrength™", and "Soup." To get ready a soup, for instance, right after loading the container with the appropriate ingredients, the consumer would press the Select Cycle Menu two occasions to achieve the "Whole Foods" category. Next he or she would press the Speed Up button 4 times to achieve the "Soup" cycle, then press the Start/Stop button when to start blending. In this example, numerous buttons must be pressed a somme of seven occasions to get ready soup as opposed to one button one time with the Somme Blender. Once a cycle starts, the HP3A, like the Complete Blender, is programmed to adjust speeds as necessary for the duration of the mixing operation to achieve the desired results and stop once this has been performed. The 4 remaining buttons on the panel are pre-set buttons which could be programmed with the user's choice of any of the aforementioned cycles.

The pre-programmed cycles on the HP3A are calculated exclusively for these recipes that come in the guide integrated with the machine. Subsequent the recipe as referred to as then navigating to and selecting the proper mix cycle will yield anticipated results. The even more the consumer deviates from a recipe in phrases of both ingredient ratios or the components themselves, however, the far more most likely both experimentation with a distinct blend cycle or reliance on the manual controls will grow to be necessary. It is for this reason that a lot more skilled consumers of the device will probable discover on their own often bypassing the pre-programmed cycles, opting rather to manually control the device through the Pace Up/Down buttons in buy to attain a wanted result.

Purchasing Caveat

As mentioned earlier, on the web purchases of the Somme Blender can be created only by means of Blendtec, itself, or a single of its authorized affiliates. An order through both will usually be finalized by way of the official checkout web page at, therefore assuring consumers of a authentic Blendtec unit carrying with it a comprehensive manufacturer's warranty. Pricing on the Somme Blender does not fluctuate from Blendtec to its affiliates. The Blendtec A1-31C-10S Blender is offered only via dealers, and on the internet orders are placed through the dealer's person site. Any HP3A offered from an authorized Blendtec vendor will also carry a complete manufacturer's warranty. The warranty is voided, however, must a unit be purchased from a non-authorized seller. For this reason, verifying the authorization standing of the supplier ought to be of main significance to any individual contemplating the acquire of an HP3A.

Blendtec's consumer services staff is available by phone or e mail to answer technical or operational questions about either the Total Blender or the HP3A. It also processes warranty-related troubles for the two models. Unit returns, however, are at the discretion of the supplier with the HP3A while Blendtec's return policy applies to the Complete Blender. Obtained both from Blendtec or one of its authorized agents, owners of both model must come to feel confident they are in possession of 1 of - if not the - finest good quality high-performance blenders on the market today.