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Why it's needed

In the present day world it's very important to introduce the students with technology so that they feel more confidant when it comes to using it. Moreover, variety makes a stuff more tempting, same way using web in classroom teaching makes a concept more interesting and helps into getting clearer vision of the concept being taught.

Teaching Zoology with innovative methods


  • I always prepare a lesson plan in advance for the topic am supposed to teach in a class.
  • Next,i try to find out the pictures/photographs or videos available on the web,related to the topic.
  • I try to collect interesting facts/data avaiable on the web, related to topic.
  • Using this material and the text-books, i prepare a power-point presentation for that topic.
  • After discussing the topic in the classroom (in the classical style)i invite students to have a look on the presentation (LCD projector)so that they can actually see whatever we discussed in the class.
  • Students are sometimes asked to identify the diagrams/cell types/or process
  • I e-mail a copy of the presentation to students who are interested in getting it.

Student's Response

  • They really enjoy the review of the concept in this way.
  • Sometimes they are fascinated and completed mesmerised by the vast sea of animal-diversity.(This is the most rewarding part of teaching, i think!)