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problem statement

Most of learners who are learning second language, use the language 1 into the classroom, and sometimes they do that because the teacher use it, too.


the purpose is to know the reasons why learners and teachers use the language 1 in the classroom, because most of the time we can see that learners and teachers use the language 1 to express their ideas, and it can interfere to learn and to practice the second language.

research questions

how do teachers avoid learners use the language 1 int eh classroom? what reasons do learners use the language 1 in the classroom?


Use of the L1 in the classroom

Using L1 (language one) in the classroom, it provides to students security to avoid mistakes and they can have time to acquire the L2( language two) . In the use of L1 the teacher participate as learners, to avoid using it. In such way the use L1 in the classroom have positive effects in the learning as negatives.

L1 has an important role to play in communicating meaning and context, into the learning foreign language. Learners have little opportunity to know how to use the L2 outside of the classroom. Besides, they use the L1 because they can communicate effectively; it is more natural use the L1 with other who have the same L1 and using the L1 can be embarrassed for shy learners. So, learners’ use of the L1 because they do not have relevant and useful vocabulary, structures using L2 in the classroom.

Teacher should motivate learners to use of L2 in the classroom, so they are going to acquire vocabulary and they are going to practice most of the elements using in it. Learners does not encourage with the L2 easily, because it is not easy for them. For some learners use or to learn L2 in the classroom is boring or they are not interested in use L2. And for some teachers, learners can use it because it provides more time to practice L2.

In conclusion, using L1 in the classroom have benefits in learning l2, as learners participate more, it can be more communicatively and effectively for them and they avoid to make mistakes. in another way, use of L1 can cause learners are not going to acquire the second language in a correct way.


Yezica, your notes page should be a space where you organize your thoughts about what you have learned during the course. Take a look at your classmates' note pages to get some ideas. If you have questions, let me know. --Benjamin Stewart 02:34, 12 October 2010 (UTC)



language 1,

language 2,

motivation ,

why do students use the language 1 in the classroom,

what aspects affect students use the language 1 in the classroom,

disadvantages/ advantages using language 1 in the classroom,

teacher use the language 1 in the classroom,

activities development to avoid using language 1 in the classroom,


error ( it affects to using second language in the classroom),

comparison between language 1 and language 2,

when learners use the language 1 in the classroom,


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annotated bibliography


Richards J., (1995). Reflective teaching in second language classroom. Cambridge USA

Richards obtained his Ph.D. in Applied Linguistics. He has written over 60 articles and 20 books. Many of his books and articles are classics in the field of second language teaching. Author try that teacher realize the importance of use the language 1 in the classroom. In his book he talks about teacher use the language 1 to give instructions and important things for students, which can negotiate classroom interaction with the teacher and other students. In contrast other authors say that use the language 1 interfere with the learning of the language 2.

Ellis r., (1985.) Understanding Second Language Adquisition. OUP

He is a professor in the department of applied language studies and linguistics he has authored on books about second language acquisition. The audience who is directed this text is for everybody who is involved in the teaching. Author talks about the role of the first language interfere in the second language to acquire knowledge. Also, some aspects indicate why the language 1 is an important role in the second language acquisition.

Web sites

Knop C., (1995) Increasing use of the target language in classroom interactions.

This author focuses in the way students have to increase the use of the target language in the classroom. The audience is for teacher need activities to increase the use of target language. Teacher should use and apply adequate activities to use the target language. The author mentions some aspects that will help teacher to students use the target language. This information I will help to understand in which situation the language 1 is used, or why the use of it is necessary.

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Author mentions some aspects about when students and teachers use the language 1. Also some reasons why students use the language 1 in each skill and why it is important or not. Also reasons use the language 1 is beneficial for the students. It will help me to clarify some reason why students use the target language in the classroom. .