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Hello, I'm Lawrence. I'm an aspiring programmer from the Bay Area, California. I am currently enrolled in a CIS2 class at a well-known community college. ................................................................................

Midterm - Summary

My topic of my midterm was to research information on the goal, "Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger," of Millenium Development Goals by 2015. I researched information on how technology in society is reaching the goal of this goal. Computers, information, and network, are the three keys I have researched to be needed to reach the goal by 2015. .................................................................................

Midterm - Research The article is written about the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nation, also known as FAO, on helping to solve goal number 1, "Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger," of Millenium Development Goals by 2015. Many farmers in Kenya are facing problems within their crops because of droughts; however, FAO is helping Kenyan farmers by terracing and dam construction. Through dam construction farmers will be able to better perserve rain water, and through terracing soil will not wash away. Action Against Hunger, or AAH, is an organization that works on an international level to end child hunger. With over 30 years of history fighting against child malnutrition, Action Against Hunger is one of the leading organizations for goal number 1, "Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger." One of the main areas that AAH focuses on is water and sanitation. Throught he technology of storing water during emergencies, and creating new wells, irrigation systems, and accessing natural resources AAH is able to help provide a clean access to safe drinking water. UNICEF, also known as the United Nations Children's Fund, is a program funded and founded by the United Nations. Around 2005, the new direction of UNICEF had a goal to put more focus of UNICEF into the Millenium Developmen Goals by 2015, and specifically goal number one. UNICEF helps goal number 1 by providing the technologies that health care provides. According to this article about 270 million children have no access to any sort of health care. Through UNICEF actions these children will be have a much higher survival rate by having better health such as having the access to vaccines to survive deadly diseases.

I wished to add more for each of my sections as I forgot to include the technology of computers.

Kenya's Farmers: - Kenya's farmers are being pleaded by governor to take up modern day farming methods to help increase their crop output, and allow them to get out of hunger. The modern day world has allowed Kenya's farmers to have access to all the information across the world. For the article in my previous post, FAO definitely showed Kenya's farmers the modern day methods to get out of droughts using dams, and terracing; however this would not be possible without modern day technology. Computers are needed for global messaging that can be delivered within seconds, and in the past to gain help from around the world would be impossible, but thanks to the internet people in Kenya were able to tell the world of their problems.

Would the world help if they were ignorant about problems across the world?

Cleaning Water and Sanitation: The article describes how the AAH handled the the immediate need for clean water and sanitation for Haiti after the major earthquake. Through the use of technology, instant messaging, and internet society calling for global help for Haiti, Actions Against Hunger was able to take immediate action to send resources to Haiti. These resources of course included water, sanitation equipment, but the resources also included a computer and communication. These modern day technology will help the people of Haiti stay connected with everybody, and voice themselves to the internet.

Would Actions Against Hunger send immediate help if the internet society did not ask or demand for immediate action by all organizations aiming to end poverty and hunger?

Computers by UNICEF: Just like in my previous post, UNICEF was able to establish health care facilities for children without one. This kind of response was only responsible with modern day communication, but UNICEF has other solutions to keep children's health up. UNICEF set up an instant text messaging network for people in Africa. People are now able to report illnesses and deaths immediately, and have authorities check up on the person. In the article, one of the deaths scared people thinking the death cause could be Ebola, but we're gradly relieved after reporting the incident an official soon came to verify the disease was not Ebola. Will the text messaging network be constantly used for what it was designed for, or will the text messaging network be used for more leisure.

...................................................................... Beginners Guide to Scratch .......................................................................

Hello new user of Scratch! For people, who still do not know what Scratch is, Scratch is a simple programming language that allows anyone, who is interested in learning how to program, to program. Now, I will go to the basics of Scratch. Scratch programming is basically a puzzle way of programming. Certain pieces will fit with each other, and other will not. To get an idea of how this type of programming works, I recommend on viewing other people's projects, and look inside the program.

Scratch works by manipulating sprites or images within your program to allow them to do different things. With Scratch base commands you are able to make these sprites move in any direction, rotate, flip, change costumes, and so on. You're even able to manipulate the background within Scratch programming.

Now lets say you have your coding done to allow your sprite to move; however, you have not set an event yet to begin the coding. What is an event? An event in coding is a situation that sets off the coding for example, we can set codes within Scratch to start when the green flag is clicked.

Overall, experiment and enjoy Scratch. The coding may be a tad difficult at first, but over time you will learn the necessary ideas behind Scratch, and make great programs!