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The invention of modern technology in education and the new generation excitement for chat and other technological devices, compel educators to change their teaching styles to match the learning styles of their learners. While change is inevitable, policy makers and administrators must be cognizant that there are certain characteristics of the change agents that determine the level of success of any initiative. Francis Fuller (1969) in her seminal work proposes six types of concerns that individuals experience as they implement an innovation. Building on Fuller's work, other change experts (Hall,1989; Fullan, 2003; Hargreaves, 2005) postulate that personal characteristics such one's qualification, experience and sense of efficacy are also determinants of successful implementation of an innovation. This unit addresses these personal characteristics that the individuals are likely to experience.

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By the end of this unit you should be able to:

  1. identify the Stages of Concerns as outlined by Fuller and other change agents.
  2. diagnose the level of concern of users of change in their organizations.
  3. conduct a study to examine the relationship between one's level of concerns and their personal characteristics.

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Key points
The key points for this unit are Qualification; Experience and Self-efficacy of the Individual to the implementation of an innovation

Personal Characteristics that Influence One's Level of Concern


  • Initial Training
  1. First Class
  2. Level One
  3. Associate 
  • Advance Training
  1. Bachelors
  2. Masters
  3. Doctorate


  • Number of Years in the Teaching Profession


  • High Self-efficacy
    • Low Self-efficacy

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Think of a recent innovation in your school. What are your greatest concerns in implementing this innovation?

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Interview five people from your organization to determine the kinds of concerns which they have with regards to the new initiative in your organization. In addition, find out interviewees qualifications and experience. Compare interviewees responses; note if there is a correlation between their types of concerns and personal characteristics such as qualifications and experience.