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On completion of this unit, and as a result of instruction and practical activities, the candidate should be able to:
  1. Explain the terms...Terms: tolerance, power rating, stability, colour and numerical coding and preferred value ranges
  2. Describe the system of numerical and both four and five band colour coding used to identify the ohmic value and tolerance of resistors
  3. List the preferred values of resistance forming the 10% range
  4. Identify series and parallel connections of resistors and in each case derive the equivalent resistance formula
  5. Explain Ohm's law and solve simple problems involving resistors in series and/or parallel connected in a dc circuit
  6. Explain the function and describe the construction of typical variable resistors used for panel mounting and circuit board assemblies, Variable resistors.- continuously variable, preset types
  7. Explain the function and describe the construction of non-linear resistive devices. Non-linear resistive devices: thermistor (temperature dependent resistors), light dependent resistors (LDR)
  8. Draw the internationally accepted circuit symbols for fixed resistors, preset and variable resistors, thermistors and light dependent resistors