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Department of Phsycology and Education

Dear Learner, Welcome to ICTE 111 "Computer Systems Application in Education". We will go through this course in a hybrid mode - that is some portions of the course will be available on this online platform where you can access at any time. We expect that you read all materials, participate in all activities such as forum discussions, contributing to journals and collaboratively building content using wikki. We will use our normal face-to-face class meetings to discuss and clarify issues that arise from our readings and participation in online activities. Course Objectives The ICTE 111 course is designed to provide students with a strong background in the use of computers and serves to meet the general computer literacy requirement. Specific course objectives are to provide ICT foundations in:

1.Basic Computer Concepts and Operations

2.Personal and professional use of Computers

3.Information Literacy; and

4.Application of Computers in Instruction

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