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This is my practice space

this is indented

this is bold text

this is italics text

this is 'bold and italics'

Dr Peter Wilkins


  1. Syllabus
  2. Assignments
    • paper 1
    • paper 2

English 1130

Fall 2011

Sections xxx and xxx ==

Dr Peter Wilkins


Course Rules: 

  • Attendance is required
  • You must have a device that can connect to the internet through the College's wifi system that you bring to class every session. This device could be a laptop, a tablet such as an iPad, or a smartphone. At the moment, laptops have the best connectivity to the system, but CEIT tells me that they hope to improve connectivity for mobile devices shortly. 
  • All College Policies apply to this class, including the Academic Honesty Policy and all conduct policies
  • Classes are based on short, instructor led presentations of information and student activities.