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Ch 1: Technology Framework in e-Learning

  • 1.1: Introduction
  • 1.2: Technology Analysis
  • 1.3: Appropriate Technology

Ch 2: Learners Profile Analyze

  • 2.1: Resources Availability At Learner's End
  • 2.2: Selection of Technology To Match Resources
  • 2.3: Meeting Objectives

Ch 3: Available Tools & Technologies for Delivering e-Content

  • 3.1: Approaches for delivering e-Content.
  • 3.2: Multimedia Learning Resources.
  • 3.3: Technologies in Textual Deliveries.
  • 3.4: Audio Technologies & Tools
    • A) Audio File Formats
    • B) Compression Techniques
    • C) Audacity Audio Tool
  • 3.5: Video Technologies & Tools
    • A) File Formats
    • B) Compression techniques
    • C) Techniques by Easynow

Ch 4: Structuring & Presenting e-Content

  • 4.1: Structuring content based on pedagogical concepts
  • 4.2: Presenting content in different output formats
  • 4.3: Authoring tools to create and manage content
  • 4.4: Comparing eLML to other markup languages
  • 4.5: Usability and marketing studies

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Chapter 3.1 - Technology Framework in e-Learning

3. Appropriate Technology

The adoption of inappropriate technology may undergird the contemporary constellation of critical issues. Poor choices of technology are frequently made which can be overcome by placing more attention on the processes of technology choice so that the groundwork may be laid for better policy and practice. So by Adopting the “choice of technology” as a focus area for analyzing refers to recognizing and eliminating those inappropriate technology choices which can and do indeed occur and lead to failure of entire program at advance stages.

The inappropriateness of technology may be reflected in the severity of unforeseen side effects, or by the gradual (undesirable) change in the dynamics and structures over time of a society through its dependence upon technology. The inappropriateness of technology might stem from its being deployed in a context quite different to that for which it was designed, or it might be manifested in the harmful effects of technology upon one class of people despite its appropriateness from the point of view of another class of people. Technology might even be inappropriate for the specific purposes for which it was designed – due to technical incompetence of the designer or inability to effectively relate technical parameters to the real world of practice.


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